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Why are you a Tammi Sue's team member?

Why did you become a team member with Tammi Sue's, LLC?

I love the creativity in this beautiful store and feel truly blessed to be a part of it! I have watched her interact with the customers and treat each of them as a VIP!

All About Me

What do you offer?

Blessed Innovations specializes in custom night lights, large USB lights with color changing remote, kitchen towels to make a fun statement, funny egg containers, popsicle holders, straw/pencil charms and a large variety of jibbitz/croc charms and accessories for the kids and kids at heart. Reach out to me for a custom design and let me create something just for you! We have a large variety of jibbitz/croc charms and straw charms so reach out to us or let Tammi know what you are looking for and we can drop it off at the store if you do not see what you are looking for.

What do you want customers to know about you?

My husband and I pray over the stores we are in and the vendor events we attend on the weekends. Our products have been prayed over and the future customers they will end up going to!

Why did you begin your business?

I had my things in a boutique and loved every minute of it but during the lock down, her business closed and so I stopped as well. A couple of years ago, God began telling me it was time to make my creations again and so I began with just my night lights which quickly spread to many more items. My husband, who is a big kid at heart, decided he wanted something for the kids. He began bringing the jibbits/Croc charms to our events and It's fun to see the kids and parents get excited over the large variety. We have brought a bit of that into Tammi Sue's for you. We love seeing our customers smile or laugh when looking at our designs which always leads to hearing about their family, pets, etc. We have gained so many new friendships through other vendors and repeat customers and we are truly blessed for that!

Examples of Products:

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