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Why are you a Tammi Sue's team member?

I fell in love with the way Tammi Sue's feels like a shopping experience. So many great makers all under one roof!

All About Me

What do you offer?

Handmade Soap, Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrubs. (I do make Shower Steamers, Shampoo and Conditioner Bar, and Beard Products. As soon as I get those restocked here I can bring those)

What do you want customers to know about you?

I adore being known as The Soap Lady, it fills my heart. I want customers to know that soaping is an art for me. I love making it fun and pretty and all the things but I also put a great amount of research into perfecting formula. Life is Short...Use The Pretty Soap!

I am truly just doing what I love. There are many great soap makers out there. What I am bringing is the best of my ability and I am pretty sure once a customer tries Great Scot Soap they will love it too!

Why did you begin your business?

In 2016 my whole world turned upside down. My two daughters moved out within a week of one another. One to California and the other to Springfield. I came home with my husband and son and felt a part of me had left with them. I needed to turn my sadness into something good. Some time passed and the sadness became less but I still had a void to fill. I came across a YouTube video of a lady making soap. That is when I dropped everything and began my research. I would create 29 different formulas trying to get it perfect. Then one day in 2019 my husband came home from a guys event at our Church and told me he was going on a mission trip. We really could not afford that trip but he was determined to be obedient to God's calling. I looked around my tiny soap room and saw all of these mediocre bars of soap. I took a chance and posted them on my personal Facebook page with the proceeds going to help fund my husbands trip. That was when Great Scot Soapery would begin it's journey. I sold out of all that soap and funded his trip entirely. My friends and family insisted I make more, so I did. I have been blessed with a great amount of support from my family, my friends and an amazing network of makers and creators. Of course we had a little hiccup in the world that wouldn't allow my husband to travel for 2 years but I am so happy that Great Scot was able to send him back to continue that mission work in 2023! My mission is to create a product that you love to use. It's pretty and pretty things make us happy!

Examples of Products:

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