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jayelle candles.jpg

Why are you a Tammi Sue's team member?

Tammi wanted to have a business with local handmade Artisan's and I fit that bill.

All About Me

What do you offer?

I make 100% soy candles with cotton wicks, in many different sizes and over 50 scents. Pillar candles that are made from a soy blended wax with cotton wicks. For those that like wax warmers, I have wax melts out of the same soy blended wax as the pillars. The second product I ever made is Cuticle Cream. I developed a blend of soy wax and olive oil that customers love. They say it moisturizes and helps with hangnails and split skin. It also works well on heels and elbows. My lip balm is made of all natural ingredients and is smooth and moisturizing. My most popular product next to the candles is my Car Scents. They are made from a plastic absorbent bead that I scent and dye. After a couple weeks of absorbing the oils and scent, I form them into the car scent. These can be used for any small area, your car, gym bag, lockers, closets are just a few. They come in over 10 scents.

What do you want customers to know about you?

That I am friendly, kind and like to make people happy and very passionate about candles!!

Why did you begin your business?

I have loved candles for their ambiance and memories that the scents bring to me. I spent a lot of money on candles through the years and decided, "why not make them". I spent 2 years experimenting and perfecting my recipe for the perfect candle before starting my business. I love soy because it is all natural and easy to work with.

Examples of Products:

Copy of waxmelts - Jeannette Lounsberry.jpg
Copy of cuticlecream - Jeannette Lounsberry.jpg
Copy of lipbalm - Jeannette Lounsberry.jpg
Copy of car scents - Jeannette Lounsberry.jpg
Copy of pillarcandle - Jeannette Lounsberry.jpg
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