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Terri Dye

Why are you a Tammi Sue's team member?

I learned about Tammi Sue's thru following one of her vendors on Facebook. I think I am a good fit because I can offer an item that she doesn't already have in her shop. I'm thrilled to be a team member at Tammi Sue's and so excited that she saw potential in me as a new vendor.

All About Me

What do you offer?

Corn Bags for Heating/Cooling. They have a removable/washable cover for extra protection.

What do you want customers to know about you?

The corn bags are a unique item that I love making because I know they will bring enjoyment and comfort to people. I can customize the fabric selection if designs are available.

Why did you begin your business?

My family and I have been using corn bags for years. We could no longer find anyone who made them so I decided to teach myself because mine had finally worn out. After I started making them I realized how many people were in need of them. These corn bags can be used for comfort or purely relaxation.

Examples of Products:

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